Spring Update

The winter is fading and spring is coming on…  A new update is overdue.  I’ve had several chances to inspect my two remaining colonies, and have verified that I do still have both queens.  My North most small colony is the smallest with very few bees left.  Unfortunately, while I did observe eggs a few weeks back, I still don’t see any capped brood.  This obviously means that without replacements, the bees will die down and fail.  I suspect some residual disease such as perhaps EFB, which I thought I had gotten resolved last fall.  However I did see one bee with deformed wings, which would indicate mite issues.  I am currently treating to see if it is possible to get this tiny colony to successfully brood, before total failure.  If I can observe significant brood in the second hive, I may take some of those bees to help give the North queen a chance at survival.  To have come so far this winter, and then not fully succeed, will be very frustrating.  This all goes to show that while the WARMBEES warmer is a success in reducing loss due to cold temperatures, disease and other issues still must be dealt with for success.  But I have learned from other pets and charges, that warmer temperatures, allow for faster and better recovery from illness.  This is becoming obvious to me to hold true with bees.  Comments from customers of the WARMBEES In-Hive Warmers, are finding that hives with warmers are coming out more healthy than those without.

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